Me and MY 3DP Adventure

Hi! Thanks for stopping by the 3DMcD Studio! I'm just getting started so please disregard the echoing of empty space as I work to fill the shelves.

This adventure began after I received a 3D printer for Christmas in December 2018. I immediately fell in love with the experience of dreaming up an idea and being able to take it through the design process all the way to production. Bringing my finished products to the market is the next step in this journey and I thank you for supporting me and my 3DP addiction. 😊

A few more tidbits about me. I live a quiet life in New England with my husband and two kitties, Abby and Taya. I'm the mother of five fabulous children (who have all abandoned the coop) and grandmother to two amazing little boys. A walk through the woods during New England autumn time is currently my favorite happy place. I enjoy the outdoors, reading, thinking, and living a simple, natural life -- all while being equally entranced by technology and its never-ending curiosities.

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